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In 2019, in the height of the pandemic, Trey’s love for the automotive world inspired him to take a swing at beginning his very own premium detailing business. In the months to follow, Trey spent nearly every evening and weekend detailing, educating and perfecting his skill-set in the family pole barn. From a dimly lit family barn to a fully illuminated make shift detailing garage, his eye for perfection and detail eventually provided him with a large enough clientele base to expand.

In July of 2020, all the hard work had paid off. Elite Auto Care finally signed the lease for their very first detailing shop, located off of US Highway 33, Elkhart, IN. Continuing to strive for excellence and nothing short of it, the business continued to flourish.

In early summer of 2021 Elite required even more space to keep up with the high demand. Elite Auto Care not only offers top tier services, but has also expanded from cars, trucks and motorcycles; to boats, toys, transportation vehicles and RVs! Providing the best detailing, paint correction and ceramic coating packages in the county.

At Elite Auto Care, we value our employees and customers as our very own. Your investment will always leave our shop with a showroom finish and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Our Services

Ceramic coating

Elite Auto Care is an Authorized and Certified Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating Installer. Ceramic Pro, a nano-ceramic coating, creates a durable, glossy glass shield on surfaces, providing three times the hardness and self-cleaning properties.

Interior & Exterior Detailing

Start every day off right by stepping into a fresh, clean, glossy ride. Elite Auto Care offers highend interior and exterior detailing for automotive, motorcycle, boat, toy, and RV. With our customized add-ons you can fine tune your package to fit your exact needs.

Paint Protection Film

Discover the pinnacle of paint protection with Kavaca PPF. Engineered for superior durability, clarity, and self-healing properties, Kavaca Paint Protection Film sets a new standard in automotive preservation.

Paint Correction

Paint correction is the process of removing a micro-layer of clear coat from the surface, which in turn, removes light scratches and swirl marks. Paint correction not only makes your car’s finish look like new again, it can actually make it look better than when it was new.


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