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Calling all vehicle owners! Our team of expert paint protection film installers at Elite Auto Care is here to provide unrivaled protection for your ride. Give your Tesla, Corvette, Trucks, or any vehicle the KAVACA paint protection film it deserves. But don’t worry, we’ve got your other vehicles covered too! Dial (574) 830-5828 and secure your ride’s brilliance today!

virtually invisible

Unobtrusive protection ensures your car’s beauty shines through while defending against scratches and environmental damage.

Superior Protection

Advanced technology shields your vehicle from UV rays, road debris, and more, preserving its pristine appearance. 

Long-lasting Durability

Enjoy peace of mind with a durable coating that withstands the test of time, keeping your car protected for years.


Is Paint Protection Film Valuable For Your Vehicle?

There are several advantages of having paint protection film installed on your vehicle.

Provide Self-Healing Properties.

The self-healing qualities of paint protection films protect car paint and avoid deterioration with a urethane covering that is resistant to scratches. If you wash your automobile with warm water or leave it in the sun, minor superficial scratches will heal.

Prevent Fading

Exposure to the sun will harm the paint on your vehicle. Even during the winter, UV radiation will degrade paint. However, PPF efficiently protects the paint from UV rays, keeping your car looking fresh and new for years to come.

Resale Car's Value

Paint protection film will boost the resale value of your vehicle. A car that has been protected and is in good condition will fetch a higher price when the time does come to sell.

12-year Warranty

When you invest in clear, high-quality paint protection films, they are guaranteed to resist peeling and discoloration, preserving and increasing the value of your automobile. Paint protection film is intended to last up to twelve years while keeping your car safe and looking like new the whole time.


Paint Protection Film Packages

With over a decade in the industry, we are the professionals that you can trust to protect your investment with the best paint protection film products on the market. We offer KAVACA Paint Protection Film available in both a Gloss & Matte Finish.


Front Bumper & Headlight STARTING AT $999

Our Partial Front PPF is our entry level protection package for the most vulnerable areas on the front of your vehicle.

Partial hood

Full front bumper

Partial fenders





KAVACA Paint Protection Film

Discover the pinnacle of paint protection with Kavaca PPF. Engineered for superior durability, clarity, and self-healing properties, Kavaca Paint Protection Film sets a new standard in automotive preservation.

Kavaca Gloss Paint Protection Film ensures your vehicle’s lasting, high-gloss finish. This advanced film offers robust protection against scratches and environmental factors, preserving the brilliance of your car’s paint while maintaining the benefits of Kavaca’s cutting-edge technology.

Kavaca Matte Paint Protection Film provides a flawless, satin finish while protecting against scratches, road debris, and fading. It is specially intended for matte paints and assures the long-term preservation of your vehicle’s distinct and exquisite appearance.



Beyond the Basics: Specialized PPF Services for Specific Vehicles

Tesla PPF

Preserve your Tesla's elegance with our high-quality PPF installation. Shield it from debris and the elements for a dazzling ride. Check out our Tesla PPF service for more info.

Corvette PPF

Keep your sports car pristine. Our specialized PPF shields the paint, whether cruising or racing. Learn more about our Corvette service.

Trucks PPF

Protect your rugged Trucks with our tailored PPF. It'll handle rough terrains while looking sharp. Get details about our Trucks service.

Why Should We Choose Paint Protection Film At Elite Auto Care In Elkhart, IN?

Whenever you want to protect your car’s exterior and improve its appearance, look no further than paint protection film at Elite Auto Care.

Our team at Elite Auto Care has years of expertise installing paint protection film, ensuring the job gets done to the best possible standards.

We only work with top of the line products such as KAVACA paint protection film which is a water-repellent, stain-resistant, and self-healing PPF, so it retains its pristine appearance for years.
Our PPF also comes with a guarantee against yellowing, bubbling, and cracking for twelve years!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Reach out to us for personalized assistance and expert guidance. We’re here to address all your concerns and provide tailored solutions.

KAVACA stands out from traditional Paint Protеction Films (PPFs) due to its advanced cеramic coating intеgration. This uniquе fеaturе offеrs еnhancеd protеction against scratchеs, chips, and еnvironmеntal contaminants, along with supеrior clarity and a sеlf-hеaling surfacе.

Yеs, KAVACA’s vеrsatility еxtеnds bеyond thе automotivе industry. It’s suitable for various applications, including marinе, aеrospacе, and industrial еquipmеnt, offering robust protеction and longеvity in divеrsе еnvironmеnts.

KAVACA Cеramic Coatеd PPF еnhancеs protеction by combining thе toughnеss of PPF with thе hydrophobic and UV-rеsistant propеrtiеs of cеramic coating. This synеrgy results in supеrior scratch rеsistancе, еasiеr clеaning, and prolongеd paint prеsеrvation.

Our 12-yеar warranty on KAVACA products guarantееs protеction against yеllowing, cracking, pееling, staining, and hazing. If any of thеsе issues occur undеr normal conditions, wе’ll rеplacе thе matеrial and rеapply it to your vеhiclе.


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