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Will Ceramic Coating Fail If It Rains Within Seven Days?

Will Ceramic Coating Fall If It Rains Within Seven Days

Have you ever applied a ceramic coating to your vehicle and then been caught in the rain? The article explains how to care for the ceramic coating on your car and what we have to do if it gets wet during the drying and curing process. Let’s get into it with Elite Auto Care!

Will Ceramic Coating Fall If It Rains Within Seven Days?

Ceramic Coating Will Fail If It Rains: Is It True?

If the new ceramic coating on your car becomes wet in the rain, the coating will fail because the cross-link connections between the layer and the clear coat will be unable to fuse. It may result in water spots on the car’s surface and fail to provide the desired outcomes.

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How Do I Repair My Car If It Has Been Rained On After A Ceramic Coating Has Been Applied?

If your automobile is caught in the rain, the best action would be to use a blow dryer to dry it off quickly. Ultimately, you want to avoid getting your freshly ceramic-coated automobile wet as much as possible. Getting it re-coated may be costly and time-consuming if you do it yourself. If you want your car’s coating to be effective, you must do everything possible to keep it dry and handle it carefully.

The initial day and week after having a ceramic coating on your automobile are the most crucial and will decide its future durability, performance, and aesthetic. Do your best to keep it dry!

What Can We Do To Reduce The Chance Of Failure?

It is advised that you avoid getting your automobile wet for at least 24 hours after applying a ceramic coating. It is essential to provide the layer with sufficient time and space to bond with the automobile’s surface fully.

The coating can dry within 24 hours, but depending on the climate, it may take one to two weeks to completely cure.

In addition to avoiding rain after applying a ceramic coating, you should also avoid environments with dew, precipitation, and mist, since this can impede the curing process and is not favorable to a proper drying environment.

It is essential to know that ceramic coatings are resistant to water but not waterproof. Do not attempt to test the hydrophobic properties of the ceramic coating until it has had sufficient time to dry, firm, and cure and is completely bonded to the car’s surface.

To get optimum results, do not wash your newly ceramic-coated vehicle for at least seven days following application. It takes around two weeks to heal completely, so you should wait until after this period to wash it if possible.

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How To Wash A Ceramic Coated Car?

We should wash a car with a ceramic coating at least twice a month. Here are some tips to avoid damaging a ceramic-coated car when washing:

Never Use an Automatic Car Washing System

One of these drive-through car washes is the easiest way to destroy a ceramic-coated vehicle. In seconds, these vehicle washes may destroy a ceramic finish. Avoid them at all costs!

Always Use a pH Neutral Car Shampoo.

Aggressive chemicals will harm the ceramic coating and the car’s paint. Always use specialized car shampoos with a neutral pH for the best results.

Wash the Vehicle In A Shaded Area

When washing your car, it is usually better to do it in times of low sunlight. The optimum time to wash and dry the car is on an overcast day, early morning, or just before sunset. Sunshine rapidly dries soap on the coating, which may generate water stains and streaks.

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Always Use Clean Towels

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When washing, drying, or applying any cleaning agent to a coated vehicle, it is essential to prevent cross-contamination with other cleaning materials. Therefore, before using a microfiber towel, wash mitt, or even the buckets, ensure they are clean and free of any other cleansers, degreasers, or dirt.

A ceramic coating is a perfect solution for protecting your car’s paint from environmental factors. Avoiding wet on ceramic-coated vehicles within seven days after the application is essential. Contact Elite Auto Care at 23159 US-33, Elkhart, IN 46517, United States, or call us at +1 574-830-5828 to schedule a ceramic coating appointment with us now!