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What Is the Process of Applying Paint Protection Film?

side door blue car paint protection film Elite Auto Care Elkhart IN

Imperfect vehicle paint is something that no car owner wants! Not only does it make your car look bad, but it also decreases the vehicle’s worth. After all, the paint job is the first impression of your car. So, how does paint protection film work? How many steps does it take to get PPF installed? Follow this article by Elite Auto Care to get all the answers and more!

side door blue car paint protection film Elite Auto Care Elkhart IN

Why should you choose PPF for your car?

Easy to clean

The first significant advantage of PPF is that it makes cleaning your automobile easier. Your car’s body is incredibly slippery, thanks to the high-quality PPF material. With a microfiber towel, you may quickly wipe up bird droppings and other contaminants on the surface. This is a protective film that lives up to its name when keeping your car clean.

The good thing about having a car with a PPF layer is that even if it gets filthy and muddy, cleaning it doesn’t take long. All filth will be washed away with a quick blast from a water hose. This is an excellent choice for those who live on dirt roads or in places where their vehicles are always getting dirty.

Prevents damage to the paint job.

Another significant advantage of using a paint protection film is that you will be generating a solid layer of protection against typical damage. Do you constantly see new scratches in the paint and have no idea how they got there? PPF puts an end to this! All of the microscopic road debris that flies up will hit the PPF and bounce right off, inflicting no damage to the actual paint. Potential damage will hit the protective layer, and as long as it doesn’t penetrate the film, there will be no damage to the paint underneath.

High quality protective layer

While debris might be an issue when driving in challenging terrain, the sun is always an issue. The sun’s UV rays will destroy most paints, even in the dead of winter when it’s brutally cold. Your paint will fade as long as the sun is shining. PPF will help your paint to withstand the elements, such as the sun and various types of water damage because these elements will not directly contact your paint. 

Boosts car’s resale value

We go to great lengths to boost the value of our automobiles. We want them to look fantastic, feel great, and drive even better, so we invest in PPF, aftermarket rims, stereos, and other accessories. These improvements will also boost the car’s market value in the long run if you ever decide to sell it. In the case of the trade-in value, this is especially true. When you take your automobile to the lot, a car with a great paint job that has been protected could fetch thousands of dollars more in trade-in value. It’s an excellent approach to boost the value of your vehicle.

How Can We Install Paint Protection Film? 

We should remove dust, insects, tar, and oil stains from the surface of your vehicle. This is to avoid keeping dirt or other undesirable substances between the film and the surface of your car.

To prevent blistering, paint protection film must be applied with speed and precision.

Using the solution, wet your hands. This prevents the strong adhesives of the paint protection film from adhering to your fingertips.

Carefully slide the film to the proper application site. This motion prevents air from being trapped between the film and the vehicle’s surface.

Use the squeegee to smooth out the film. Utilize overlapping strokes to remove any remaining solution.

For complete adherence, run the squeegee over the edges and corners. Allow it to dry thoroughly for a maximum of 48 hours.

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How Long Does PPF Take To Install?

The average time it takes to install paint protection film depends on several factors. When applying paint protection film, detailers occasionally need more time to set up their tools and equipment.

The size of your car is also a factor. Only one to two days are needed to finish a tiny car. It can take more time to complete the installation, if your vehicle is larger. It also depends on the demands of the customer. Specific clients want PPF installation for the complete vehicle, but some customers only require partial covering. 

The team at Elite Auto Care hopes we have provided some useful information about the paint protection film process. We also offer superior paint protection film packages and a dedicated team to give you the best service possible! Contact us via phone at +1 574-830-5828 or visit our ship at 23159 US-33, Elkhart, IN 46517, United States.