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Unlock the Magic of the Perfect Ultimate Armor with Elite Dealers

ultimate armor with elite dealers

The best surface protection available for cars is found in the Ceramic Ultimate Armor Package as Premium Auto Shielding. This ground-breaking all-in-one exterior protection package combines the renowned ceramic coatings from Ceramic with high quality Paint Protection Film (PPF).

The full-front installation of Paint Protection Film shields an automobile, truck, or SUV’s high-strike regions. This helps shield the front of your car from environmental pollutants, rock chips, scrapes from the road, and weather exposure. High quality nanotechnology ceramic  coatings cover the rest of the car’s exterior.

Ultimate Armor is the only complete vehicle appearance package that comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. It offers defense against oxidation, stains, fading, road debris, and rock chips.

ultimate armor with elite dealers elite auto care

What Is Included in The Ultimate Armor Package?

Every customer’s vehicle receives a unique exterior protection package from Ultimate Armor. The first step is to place the Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film completely on the front. High-strike parts of the car, such as the front bumper, hood, side view mirrors, and more, are covered in the film.

The purpose of the PPF installation is to minimize the possibility of rock chips, shield the factory finish from minor scratches, and deflect small pieces of road debris.

The second part of the Ultimate Armor package is to coat additional external surfaces with Ceramic coatings for Vehicle Protection. This guarantees that the outside of the car is shielded from UV radiation, poisons found in the environment, chemicals, and more.

Every Ultimate Armor package is made specifically for the owner’s car. The installation procedure will be thoroughly explained by your Elite Dealer.

Warranty Period of the Ultimate Armor Package

A Superior Vehicle Shield kit called Ultimate Armor covers the outside of your car. This unique product is accompanied by a Lifetime Warranty.

The Ultimate Armor package includes the application of Ceramic coatings to all painted surfaces, headlights, glass, wheel faces, and trim following a complete front-end installation of high quality Paint Protection Film, also known as PPF.

Where can I get the Ultimate Armor Package Done?

The new Ultimate Armor package in downtown Charlotte can only be acquired by contacting Elite Auto Care for Vehicle Protection Elkhart. Our firm has undergone thorough factory training so that we can install paint protection films and Ceramic coatings expertly.

It takes expertise and understanding to install the Ultimate Armor package correctly, including applying Ceramic and PPF coatings made for specific materials. In addition to having the expertise and training required for this position, we provide customer service that lives up to the high standards.

Benefits Of The Ultimate Protection Bundle

The ability of the Ultimate Armor package by Elite Auto Care is it’s durability, unmatched protection as Perfect Auto Armor Features that maintains the value and appearance of your car for years to come is what makes it unique. For discriminating automobile owners who want nothing less than the greatest in automotive protection, it’s the ideal option.

Improves Value

If you decide to sell your automobile, the Ultimate Armor Package will increase its value and maybe help you get a better price.

Damage Protection

The Ultimate Armor Package adds an additional layer of defense against dings, chips, and other harm from flying bird droppings and other road debris.

Looks fantastic

A paint job with a glossy finish can give your car the appearance of having just been taken from the showroom.

A Coating of Self Healing

Certain films have a self-healing coating applied to them, which might help to hide small scratches.

Any Aftercare Instructions To Follow?

If you have the Perfect Armor Package, which consists of ceramic coatings and paint protection film, we recommend washing your car every two weeks with Vinyl & PPF Soap.

Such a shampoo features additional foaming agents for lubrication, is pH neutral, and doesn’t contain wax or petroleum distillates. It may be used in a foam cannon or a conventional two-bucket car wash and doesn’t include any dyes, so it won’t leave any residue on your PPF.

To Conclude – The Ultimate Vehicle Protection Package

Seeking for the best Paint Protection Package available in Elkhart?

Elite Auto Care is the only place to look! 

The best Paint Protection available is what we offer. Our skilled technicians can assist in ensuring that your car is adequately shielded against abrasions. Whether you require extensive scratch prevention or only minor upkeep. With a painstaking full front paint protection film installation, this premium package offers the best of both worlds by protecting your car’s most vulnerable parts from chips, scratches, and road debris. 

In addition, we apply a ceramic coating to the whole outside of the car, which forms an impenetrable shield against damaging UV rays and environmental impurities.