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Things You Must Know: What’s Included in the Ultimate Armor Package

Ultimate Armor Package

The Ultimate Armor Package epitomizes the highest level of automotive surface protection with a Long-lasting vehicle shield. The package offers a groundbreaking combination of Ultimatе Armor Paint Protеction Film and high quality renowned ceramic coatings, providing comprehensive exterior protection. 

The Paint Protection Film is a comprehensive installation that safeguards the vulnerable areas of a car, truck, or SUV that are prone to high-impact damage. This serves to safeguard the front of your vehicle against rock chips, road debris, scratches, environmental pollutants, and exposure to the elements. The rest of the vehicle’s exterior is covered with industry approved, low maintenance nanotechnology coatings. 

The Ultimate Armor is the sole comprehensive vehicle appearance package that comes with a lifetime warranty, which is recorded on your vehicle’s Service Reporting tool. It offers defense against stone chips, scratches, highway debris, oxidation, stains, and aging. 

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Benefits of Ultimate Armor Package

Safeguarding Against Natural Causes

Provides protection against weather conditions, road debris, and avian excrement, preventing potential damage.

On a daily basis, your vehicle is subjected to natural elements, circumstances, or pollutants that can affect the quality and state of the paint. These substances encompass avian excrement, insect remains, resin from trees, plant pollen, dirt from roads, seawater with salt, and even residue from industrial activities or dust from braking systems.

If you possess the Ultimate Armor package, it offers defense against these natural elements.

Protection Against Strong Rays of Sun

Exhibits resistance to fading and discoloration resulting from UV radiation.

Are you aware that the sun is the primary factor responsible for premature deterioration of paint? More precisely, the ultraviolet rays that are emitted by the sun.

The sun emits two distinct forms of radiation – ultraviolet (which induces harm, such as sunburn and fading of materials) and infrared (which generates heat). While your vehicle is parked outside, it is continuously exposed to UV radiation.

Over time, the various materials used on the outside of an object, such as trim, plastic components, fabrics, and protective coatings, will inevitably deteriorate. The phenomenon of fading and discoloration is caused by this.

The power of Ultimate Armor lies in its capability to effectively obstruct 99.9 percent of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, thereby minimizing potential harm caused by UV exposure with the help of Ultimatе Armor Paint Protеction Film.

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Preserve the Aesthetic and Monetary Worth of your Vehicle

Resisting the detrimental effects of natural contaminants and elements on the original factory paint jobs will undoubtedly enhance the value and appearance of your vehicle.

Among all the products utilized for maintaining a vehicle’s pristine state and offer Long-lasting vehicle shield, only paint protection film possesses the ability to obstruct road debris, small rocks, gravel, sticks, and other intricate substances. Although ceramic coatings possess durability, they lack the capability to prevent the occurrence of scratches on the paint caused by those substances.

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Which product would you incorporate alongside PPF to constitute a comprehensive vehicle protection kit?

The optimal choice would be the finest ceramic coating available. The package is referred to as the Ultimatе Armor Paint Protеction Film package.

The Vehicle Armor Advantages 

After careful evaluation of the aforementioned factors, our recommendation for optimal vehicle paint protection in 2024 is to utilize a combination of ceramic coating and paint protection film.

  • Ceramic coating offers robust and enduring safeguard against harm while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle. Nevertheless, it does not provide protection for your paint from road debris.
  • By applying paint protection film to the vulnerable areas of your vehicle, you can prevent the occurrence of rock chips, significant scratches, and paint damage.

The installation described is feasible using Elite Auto Care’s Ultimate Armor Package. This product is only available through Elite Dealers or a meticulously chosen group of professional auto salons that specialize in installing top-tier coatings and films.

The Ultimate Armor is a comprehensive automotive protection package that covers the entire exterior of the vehicle and is guaranteed for its entire lifetime. 

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Why PPF?

The PPF is specifically installed on certain parts of your vehicle that are prone to impact or damage. These components encompass the front body panel, rocker panels, hood, bumper, side mirrors, door pillars, and fenders. Simultaneously, the remaining areas of the painted surface, trim components, glass, and wheel covers are safeguarded by ceramic coating packages that last a lifetime.

Once completed, the entire exterior of your vehicle will be safeguarded with a hydrophobic surface, facilitating the cleaning process.

The warranty is linked to your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and recorded in your vehicle’s Service History Report.

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Ultimatе Armor Package With Elite Auto Care

If you desire optimal value while maintaining top-notch quality for your vehicle’s paint protection in 2024, the Ultimate Armor Package is the ideal choice. To locate an us in your vicinity and obtain a complimentary quotation for the Ultimate Armor Package for your vehicle, kindly contact us before the offers end. Hurry!!