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The Reasons You Need the Ultimate Armor Package for Your Car

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Nothing compares to the piece of mind that full Car Armor Protection offers when it comes to the external appearance of your car. It gives us great pleasure to present the Ultimate Armor package to our clients at Elite Auto Care. The exceptional resistance against the elements provided by this potent combination of paint protection film and ceramic coating guarantees that the paint work on your car will remain faultless for many years to come. 

We will go over all you need to know about the Ultimate Armor package in this blog article, including its advantages, how to apply, the lifetime warranty, and real-world success stories. Let’s get started and see how this bundle can change the way you safeguard your capital.

The Ultimate Armor Package: What is it?

The latest generation of vehicle surface protection is the Elite Auto Care Ultimate Armor Package. With this ground-breaking vehicle protection package, nano ceramic coatings shield the remaining external surfaces of your car while high quality paint film that extensively covers the entire frontal exterior of the vehicle thereby offering enhanced vehicle safety.

The Ultimate Armor Package’s Advantages

There are several advantages to the Ultimate Armor package that go beyond simple paint protection. Here are a few main benefits:

  • High Quality Paint Protection: Your car’s paint is protected from stains, chipping, scratches, and environmental damage by an impenetrable barrier made of paint protection film and ceramic coating.
  • Hydrophobic Properties: The hydrophobic surface produced by the ceramic coating repels water, dirt, and grime, making car cleaning easier.
  • UV Protection: By providing exceptional UV resistance, the Ultimate Vehicle Protection  keeps the paint on your car from fading and degrading from exposure to strong sunshine.
  • Enhanced Clarity and Gloss: The ceramic coating gives your car a gorgeous gloss finish that draws attention to the paint job’s depth and clarity.
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The Timeline and Application Process

Truth be told, the application of the Ultimate Armor package requires professional expertise and an excessive attention to detail. Below are the steps involved in completing the entire process to deliver the finished vehicle:

  • PPF Installation Task –  At Elite Auto Care, our knowledgeable experts apply PPF to the PPF on the vehicle’s exposed surfaces as part of the Exterior Protection Package, including the mirrors. Each component of the car is trimmed before wrapping to ensure a flawless covering.
  • Application of Ceramic Coating: The entire car, including the PPF, is coated with ceramic coating when the PPF installation is finished. To provide a strong and long-lasting protective barrier, the coating is carefully placed in many layers.
  • Curing and Inspection: To guarantee the best possible bonding and performance, the vehicle is subjected to a curing process following application. To ensure the proper finish and correct any flaws, a final examination is carried out.
  • Depending on the size and complexity of the vehicle, the application timetable for the Car Armor Elkhart package may change; it usually takes a few days to a week. Our staff will create a customized schedule according to your unique needs.
  • Coatings also make your exterior very slick, which further reduces the possibility of particles adhering to it. Keeping your car clean and shiny is much easier with this.

Selecting the Optimal Vehicle Paint Protection – Why The Ultimate Armor

After careful evaluation of the aforementioned issues, our recommendation for optimal vehicle Car Armor Protection to utilize a combination of ceramic coating and paint protection film.

Ceramic coating offers robust and enduring safeguard against harm while enhancing the visual appeal of the car. Nevertheless, it does not provide protection for your paint against road debris.

By applying paint protection film to the vulnerable parts of your vehicle, you can prevent rock chips, significant scratches, and paint damage.

The installation described can be achieved using Elite Auto Care’s Ultimate Armor Package. 

The Ultimate Armor is a revolutionary automotive protection solution that covers the whole exterior of the car and is guaranteed to last for the lifetime of the vehicle. The product merges the Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film with Elite Auto Care’s renowned ceramic coatings.

PPF is specifically applied to the vulnerable sections of your car that are prone to impact. These components encompass the front body panel, rocker panels, hood, bumper, side mirrors, door pillars, and fenders. Simultaneously, the remaining areas of the painted surface, trim components, glass, and wheel covers are safeguarded by ceramic coating packages that offer lifelong protection. Our Ultimate Armor is the only complete vehicle appearance package that comes with a Carfax Certified Lifetime Warranty. It offers defense against oxidation, stains, fading, road debris, and rock chips. 

Upon completion of the ceramic coating and paint protection film installation, the entirety of your vehicle’s exterior will be safeguarded with a hydrophobic surface, facilitating the cleaning process.

How To Ensure Maximum Benefit Aligns with the Elite Auto Care Package?

You may be asking how to get the most out of purchasing the Ultimate Protection Elkhart  from Elite Auto Care now that you are aware of all the advantages. We’ll offer some advice on how to maximize the benefits of your ceramic pro coatings in this section.

The first piece of advice is to make sure your car is well cleaned and prepped before applying the coating. This entails cleaning, polishing, and clay-baring your vehicle. It is important to ensure that the paint of your car is as smooth as possible prior to applying high-quality coatings. Thereafter, it would be our responsibility to give you a high end finished vehicle post application of items from your preferred package.