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Is It Worthy to Apply Ceramic Coating Over Paint Protection Film?

ceramic coating over paint protection film

Many of our customers frequently ask us whether they should get ceramic coating instead of paint protection film (PPF)?

Paint protection film can shield your car’s paint from dents and scratches, but it might not be strong enough to withstand other types of damage on its own.

Here’s where ceramic coating comes into play. PPF and ceramic combo shield your car from bug secretions, bird droppings, watermarks, and other hazards.

But that’s only the beginning. Below in this article, we discuss Ceramic Coating Over Paint Protection Film, We list out the reason we advise having Ceramic coating on PPF at all times.


Prior to diving into the specifics of applying ceramic coating over paint protection film, it’s critical that you comprehend the distinctions between these two substances.

The military was the first to develop paint protection film, commonly referred to as a clear bra, to safeguard their vehicles. Not only are these sedans and SUVs, either. Helicopters and tanks are on the topic! 

PPF will shield the painted surface of your car from dust, dings, and scratches caused by flying rocks and debris. PPF is essentially a clear film that sticks to your car’s exterior flawlessly and protects it for up to seven years.

Conversely, ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution that forms a protective layer that is hydrophobic, or repellent to water. 

ceramic coating over paint protection film2 1

What Distinguishes PPF from Ceramic Coatings?

Let’s talk about what makes these products special before moving on to the advantages of combining them.

The military developed paint protection film, or PPF, to safeguard their vehicles. We’re not talking about $50,000 cars here; instead, we’re talking about expensive vehicles like helicopters that cost millions of dollars. It is therefore very effective at preventing damage from flying debris.

Conversely, ceramic coatings seal paint to prolong its life, facilitate cleaning, and provide protection, albeit not to the same extent as PPF.

ceramic coating over paint protection film


Adding a ceramic coating on top of matte PPF can improve the vehicle’s look and protection in a number of ways. Using ceramic coating in conjunction with matte PPF has the following advantages:


Although matte paint finishes have a distinctive look, they can be more prone to damage than glossy finishes. By  Protecting PPF with ceramic, the paintwork is further protected and strengthened. Ceramic coatings help to maintain the matte finish for a longer amount of time by resisting scratches, swirl marks, and small abrasions.


Because they show stains and water spots more readily than other finishes, matte finishes can be especially difficult to keep clean. By producing a hydrophobic surface, ceramic coatings lessen the likelihood of water spots and stains by causing water and impurities to bead up and slide off the surface. This characteristic greatly facilitates the upkeep and cleaning of a vehicle with a matte finish.


When matte paint finishes are exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time, they can fade and discolor. UV radiation has the potential to dull paint and remove its matte finish. Ceramic coatings provide superior UV protection by shielding the surface from damaging sun rays and reducing the possibility of color fading or changes to the matte finish. You can increase the paintwork’s longevity and vibrancy by adding ceramic coating over matte PPF.

Enhanced Visual Appeal

Matte finishes are valued for their distinctive and modern look. They may, however, occasionally fall short of glossy finishes’ intense gloss and luster. You can achieve a subtle gloss and depth to the finish without sacrificing the desired matte look by applying ceramic coating over matte PPF. Your car can look even more amazing and stand out with this aesthetic upgrade.

ceramic coating over paint protection film

Better Together: Enhancing PPF with ceramic coating

The combination of ceramic coating and paint protection film shields the surface of your car from various harmful outdoor elements. 

Above all, using a ceramic coating on top of PPF provides superior sun protection. Paint protection film may gradually deteriorate over time due to UV radiation. Peeling, cracking, and yellowing may result from this. You can extend the life of your paint protection film by covering it with ceramic coating.

PPF is protected by ceramic coating from more than just UV rays. The worst things that can happen to PPF are sticky contaminants like road tar and tree sap. Certain manufacturers might advise cleaning your PPF with abrasive chemicals like acetone, but doing so can damage the film. Your paint protection film will be shielded from tenacious impurities by a ceramic coating.

 It will also facilitate cleaning of your PPF! This is as a result of ceramic coating’s inherent ability to repel water. Water is pushed off your car when you wash it, carrying dirt and debris with it.

Enhancing PPF with ceramic coating is not just kept safe when you apply ceramic coating. It also gives your vehicle a stunning glossy sheen. PPF cannot create this distinctive look on its own. 

What Is The Cost of Ceramic Coatings?

So, the question about cost is usually the one that comes up next. Most service providers like ours, use nano ceramic coatings. Our Ceramic coating installations can range in price from $99 for a small area of your car (such as the bumper, hood, or fenders) to $700 for the entire vehicle.

Contact Elite Auto Care right now to find out more about the cost of your particular car! We would be pleased to explain the distinctions between PPF and ceramic coatings as well as which choice is best for your car.

Is It Appropriate to Apply a Ceramic Coating on Top of Paint Protection Film?

Both products have advantages over the other even though they both provide paint protection. If it works, you can switch to a more costly pain relief product like PPF or a long-lasting ceramic coating.

Protecting PPF with ceramic coating for the ultimate layer of protection on your car, and benefit from the best of both worlds. You’ll receive the greatest defense against extreme heat and UV damage found in the automotive industry. Both are also resistant to chemicals.

So is it appropriate to cover PPF with a ceramic coating? Without a doubt, the answer is yes.