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Is Ceramic Coating Worth It For Your Vehicle?

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Do you ever feel frustrated by the environmental contaminants that damage your car’s paint? Over time, the clear coat on your vehicle will begin to fade! Ceramic coatings protect your vehicle from environmental factors. To get the best results from a ceramic coating, let’s explore more about this topic with Elite Auto Care in Elkhart, IN!

Is Ceramic Coating Worth It For Your Vehicle?

What Is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution that is sprayed onto the outside of a car to prevent paint damage. It mixes with your vehicle’s paint and provides a hydrophobic layer of protection. It is composed of silica and titanium dioxide, which create a hydrophobic covalent connection and produce a nano-ceramic barrier above the transparent layer of the vehicle, protecting it from the elements.

Why Should We Consider Getting A Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coatings form a layer of paint protection that benefits your vehicle in several different ways. Here are some advantages of applying a ceramic coating to your car:

Enhance Hydrophobic Properties

The hydrophobic characteristics of ceramic coatings resist water, liquids, mud, dirt, grime, water spots, and other light particles. Your car also becomes much easier to clean as a result.

Prevent Harmful UV Rays

UV rays penetrate transparent coatings on paint, causing the paint to fade and promoting oxidation, eventually leading to corrosion and rust formation. Ceramic coatings prevent UV damage of this kind and keep your vehicle looking in top condition. 

Protect Against Chemical Exposure

Chemical substances such as salt, acids in animal waste, such as bird droppings, insect splatters, and acid rain, may also harm automobile components. The ultrasmooth surface of the ceramic coating prevents these pollutants from reaching the original paintwork. 

Improve Luster and Shine

When ceramic coating cures, it becomes a minuscule and durable glass layer. It enhances the sheen and luster of the car’s surface, makes matte finishes on plastic trim seem rich and deep, and makes alloy and chrome wheels stand out.

Simplify Cleaning

Ceramic coatings have non-stick qualities, which make it more difficult for dirt to stick to and simpler to remove. As a result, cleaning your car is a much more time-efficient process. Additionally, we can apply it to your wheels and brake calipers, making cleanup of these areas simpler too.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Ceramic Coating?

To prolong the lifespan of a ceramic coating, you should maintain your ceramic-coated car with proper care and products. Ceramic coatings last two to five years as long as they are looked after properly. 

What Should We Take Into Consideration When Applying A  Ceramic Coating?

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It is essential to consider the surroundings while putting a ceramic coating on a vehicle. The weather and other external factors will impact the finishing quality.

Direct Sunlight

Never apply the ceramic coating in direct sunlight. Applying a layer in direct sunlight will prevent the coating from sticking to the surface. The coating will evaporate rapidly due to the sun’s heat.

The Level Of Moisture

Another error made while applying a ceramic coating is failing to consider the humidity level. High humidity will also hinder the ceramic coating from adhering properly to the surface. The condensation will slow down drying, resulting in a peculiar, greasy finish.


Never apply a ceramic coating when the temperature is too low. Applying the coating below 400 degrees Fahrenheit (4.40 degrees Celsius) will not result in an effective layer. It will slow down the curing process, rendering the coating ineffective.

Ceramic coating is best applied in late spring and early autumn, when the temperature is neither too hot nor too low.

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