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How to Maintain Paint Protection Film

maintain paint protection film

Automobile owners and enthusiasts diligently strive to preserve their vehicles in pristine condition to safeguard their investment and ensure enduring visual allure. Paint Protective Film (PPF) is an innovative application of modern technology that effectively safeguards the paintwork of automobiles.We discuss How to Maintain Paint Protection Film.

The popularity of Paint Protection Film is on the rise due to its ability to safeguard a vehicle’s paint from weather conditions, minor abrasions, and debris on the road. This method offers a rather secure approach to alleviate the tension linked to car maintenance. However, no exterior paint protection is entirely devoid of maintenance requirements. 

Therefore, the inquiry is: Is it tiresome to maintain paint protection film?

What is the subsequent course of events? What is the correct method for washing an automobile after applying Paint Protection Film (PPF)? Are there any recommended washing techniques for autos with Paint Protection Film (PPF)? What are the methods to expand the Paint Protection Film (PPF) coverage on my vehicle?

Worry no more, we have listed the prominent practices to help you navigate all your worries in one good read!!

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How to Maintain Paint Protection Film.

Tips for PPF Durability

First Wash 

Firstly, the greatest tip to Maximizing PPF protection is to wait seven days before washing your car after applying PPF.

It takes the paint protection film approximately a week to fully cling to the car’s surface. Additionally, washing the automobile during this time with water or any other type of conventional cleaning solution can impede the film’s curing process. 

We advise you to hold off on cleaning your automobile indoors or in a protected area until after seven days. To remove the stains, use a wash mitt or clean, soft fabric along with specialty car wash products. It is advisable to avoid leaving the automobile outside during this time to lessen the likelihood that dust and other airborne pollutants will settle on it and make cleaning more challenging.

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Smart Cleaning is The Key

Ideally, as a Paint Protection Film maintenance method, you should put commercial car washes out of your mind after putting on the film. Granted, parting with them could be difficult, but it’s necessary if you want the coating to endure longer.

You can try the below methods to wash your car yourself:

  • Apply soap for car wash using a fresh microfiber mitt.
  • Hard-to-clean areas should be soaked in soap for a few minutes.
  • Use lacquer thinner or 99% isopropyl alcohol for really difficult areas.
  • Utilizing a microfiber cloth, pat dry the coating.
  • To clean your covered car, never use paper items, terry cloths, or brushes. They’ll wear down the surface or, worse, break it.
  • Dead bugs and dirt droppings should be removed right away. They might permanently tarnish the film.
  • Pay close attention to the areas of the film where dirt accumulates.
  • Never work with anything harsh.

Apply the two-bucket technique

The two-bucket approach has been used for a very long time and is highly favored by aficionados. You have two buckets in this setup: one filled with vehicle wash soap and the other with just rinse water.

The two-bucket approach has a fairly straightforward concept. It’s highly likely that your wash mitt has dirt on it after you’ve cleaned a panel. Rinse your mitt well in your rinse water before dipping it into your vehicle wash solution. This will lessen the chance of previously removed debris from the car re-entering the system.

Make it a routine to wash a panel, rinse it with pure water, dip it into the vehicle wash solution, and then go back to wash the next panel.

Caution while using a Pressure Washer

We presume that if you’re washing your car with a pressure washer, you already know what the pressure washer’s PSI is for Extending PPF lifespan, and you should take care not to use one that could harm the finish. With regard to Paint Protection Film in particular, you should maintain a safe distance from the film to avoid applying excessive pressure beneath it, which could cause the edges to lift. 

You are the best judge of how far away is appropriate when using a power washer, although the conventional rule is 8 to 12 inches. Just keep your distance to avoid causing harm.

Apply the same caution as with pressure washing and avoid placing compressed air near edges when using gas pressure units or any other type of strong air-moving apparatus.

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Final Words – Elite Auto Care

It’s important to keep in mind that neither the ceramic coating nor the paint protective layer are “bullet-proof.” Vehicle maintenance is still necessary, even with its simplification.

To maintain the “dealership” look of your automobile for a long time to come, carefully wash your car frequently, avoid using abrasive materials, and invest in high-quality cleaning equipment.

Please get in touch with us at Elite Auto Care for more details about ceramic coating, paint protection films, and their upkeep.