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How Long Does Paint Protection Film Last?

Paint chipping and scratches will decrease the value of your vehicle. Paint Protection Film (PPF) is used to create a protective coating to the car’s paint. This layer preserves the vehicle’s appearance by preventing paint deterioration and other potential issues. But, how long does paint protection film last? What are some ways to extend the life of your PPF?

To find out the answers to these questions and more, continue reading this article from the expert team at Elite Auto Care.

What is the lifespan of PPF?

Even though Paint Protection Film can self-heal, this does not mean that it will last forever. A high-quality paint protection film can last for up to ten years, however lower quality films may only last a couple of years.

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What Affects The Longevity Of PPF?

1. Preparation before applying PPF

Preparing for the installation of a PPF is the most critical aspect of the procedure. Nothing else matters if the detailers who install your PPF do not adequately prepare the surface. Without proper preparation, the PPF will not adhere to the surface effectively and as a result, the level of protection it provides will be decreased. 

2. The Application

Once the detailers have completed the preliminary work, it’s time to apply the PPF. The application process is complex and challenging since expert detailers must avoid bubbles, wrinkles, and folds that could result in a poor finish. Experience is essential for best results.

3. Environmental Factors

Paint protection film aims to absorb damage rather than force it onto your car’s original paint. PPF protects your car from environmental factors such as UV radiation, road grit, salt, and acidic bird droppings. Over time however, the protective layer will be worn away by contaminants in the environment. The lifespan of your PPF is determined by how much abuse and damage it receives during daily driving.

What Are The Benefits Of PPF?

Some of the benefits of PPF for automobiles include:

  • Effective Protection: PPF offers a layer of protection to a car’s paintwork and guards against potential damage caused by contaminants on the road.
  • Long-lasting: PPF is durable and  with effective maintenance, it will last for many years before it has to be replaced.
  • Maintains appearance: Because PPF is transparent and has no discernible effect on how a car’s paintwork looks, your car’s natural gloss will be preserved.
  • Resale value: By shielding the paintwork from harm and preserving its appearance over time, PPF is a smart investment to improve your car resale value.
  • Cost-effective: PPF is a long-term, cost-effective solution because it is relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of repainting a car’s damaged paintwork.

How to improve the lifespan of PPF.

PPF is designed to last, but there are some things you can do to make it last longer:

1. Use proper aftercare

How you care for your PPF in the days after installation can hugely affect its lifespan.

  • Do not try to smooth out bubbles on the film’s surface. These are normal after installation, and disturbing them can interfere with the curing process.
  • Never pick at the film’s edges. This will cause the adhesive to be disrupted and reduce the level of protection provided.

2. Clean your vehicle properly

Once your PPF has been fully cured, keep it pristine by following your installer’s washing instructions.

  • Avoid using pressure washers, especially at close range.
  • Wipe your vehicle with soft materials, keeping the edges of the film in mind.
  • Wash your car regularly (every 1-2 weeks) and promptly remove any bird droppings or bug splats.
  • Before using any waxes or glosses, ensure they are compatible with PPF.

3. Consider purchasing a ceramic coating

PPF with a built-in ceramic coating costs more, but will provide additional protection. A ceramic coating repels water, protecting the surface from blemishes and making dirt and grime easier to remove. 

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Where can you find the best paint protection film for your vehicle?

Paint protection film, or PPF, is an excellent method for shielding a vehicle’s surfaces from damage. Elite Auto Care in Elkhart, Indiana, is a leading provider of car care services with decades of experience in paint protection film installation. Our highly qualified staff can repair and restore the paintwork on your car!

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