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Our exterior windshield protection films are built to last. If you have an expensive windshield with driving assistance technology, you already know that replacing it costs an arm and a leg! Our film (EXOSHIELD) is designed to significantly reduce the risk of replacing expensive windshields.

Stop Rock Chips

Stone chips can happen almost anywhere, anytime. ExoShield is designed to absorb 6X more impact than a windshield alone to significantly reduce the potential for costly and annoying stone chips.

Unmatched Clarity

ExoShield is razor-thin and has the highest optical quality on the market. It won’t obstruct your vision, impact sensor functionality, or interfere with your heads-up display.

Warranty Coverage

ExoShield is backed by a
2-year/30,000 mile warranty against manufacturer’s defects. 


Protection From Everyday Wear and Tear

We all know that awful feeling we get when a rock hits the windshield. Save yourself the worry and the cost associated with having to replace your windshield.

We’re proud to offer our customers the highest quality film on the market. ExoShield is a thin and completely invisible film that we install on the exterior of the windshield to reduce the risk of damage from rock chips by 6 times. Driving can be stressful enough – rest easy knowing your vehicle is protected by the best.

Performance Without Compromise

Endurance Class Nanocoating


Benefits of ExoShield?

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No Delamination

10X better performance in even the most extreme climates. 

Long Lasting Protection

Superior scratch resistance for maximum durability in all environments. 

No Yellowing

Ultra-durable surface that resists damage from UV or chemical exposure.  

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The Best Way To Protect Your Windshield

Exoshield film is the perfect choice for drivers looking for a reliable, long-lasting solution to protect their windshields from any potential damage that comes their way. Elite Auto Care is pleased to offer exoshield and provide customers with an extra layer of security. Visit us today to get exoshield installed on your windshield!

For more information about exoshield’s installation process and benefits, please contact our team at Elite Auto Care. With exoshield, you can enjoy a safer driving experience every time you get behind the wheel.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Reach out to us for personalized assistance and expert guidance. We’re here to address all your concerns and provide tailored solutions.

ExoShield Windshield Protection Film is a transparent film designed to protect car windshields from debris, rocks, and other environmental hazards that can cause chips, cracks, and overall damage. 

ExoShield works by providing an extra layer of protection between your car’s windshield and the environment. The film has a strong adhesive backing that sticks to the surface of your car’s windshield and forms an invisible barrier that prevents rocks and debris from causing damage. It also absorbs direct impacts like hailstorms, so it can reduce or prevent chips and cracks in the glass. 

The main benefit of using ExoShield Windshield Protection Film is that it reduces or eliminates chips, cracks, and other damages caused by environmental hazards like stones, rocks, hail storms, etc. Additionally, using this type of protection film helps extend the life of your windshield and protects against costly repairs in the future.

No, there is no special maintenance involved with ExoShield. Once installed on your car’s windshield it will provide long-term protection without additional care or attention required. You will just need to make sure that you clean your windshield regularly as normal to remove dirt and grime buildup.


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